It Takes Courage to be Obedient to God

It Takes Courage to be Obedient to God
Photograph by Ross Barringer

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wasp Spray Can Kill Snakes

Listen, I am very much afraid of snakes. Ok, so I know it is said that they won't other you unless you bother them. But I am going to tell you the truth.... I am an animal lover as much as the next person but that does not apply to venomous animals. I do not like snakes period. I don't want to find out which ones are venomous and which ones are not. I just don't want to contact with them at all.
So I read an article today which stated that you can kill snakes with wasp or hornet spray. These sprays can be aimed from a distance and shot right at the snake. With my luck it will be like me with the spray starch - the darn spray thingy never works!!! I'm pressing and pressing and nothing comes out! I'd much rather try the wasp spray though then buy snake shot. I dont care much for guns even though I am considering taking target practice along with a group of ladies in my club.
Back to the snakes and wasp spray. I have been in touch with a guy who is considered a snake whisperer. I'm pretty sure if he knew I was contemplating KILLING snakes, he'd be very upset with me. He took the time to discuss snakes with me when I contacted him via email. He told me all about not being afraid of snakes and some precautions I should take. I told him where I lived half of the year, and that it was considered snake country. I told him my mother is NOT afraid of snakes andmakes a habit of chopping their heads off with the hoe she carries around with her. Several have entered her house. She tries not to let me know this but I always find out from someone. We live in rattler country. There are signs around that say beware of rattlers - leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Which we pretty much do. Anyway, this snake whisperer told me I can contact him anytime. (I have to find his email address.) As I said, I am not going to tell him of my intent to buy some wasp spray!!!
But if a snake decides to come into my house, I want to be prepared to get it out of my house without it biting me or another family member. I prefer not to use deadly force. But I will if I have to.


Aloquin said...

LOL very interesting first post! Do you get Animal Planet the tv channel where you live? They have a new show on Friday nights about extreme animal phobias... not that yours is extreme, but you might get a kick out of it. :) Keep up the posting!

SRGCuse said...

He's nuts - and I agree with you - Our luck the darn spray wouldn't work, but a better question, if I'm already scared of snakes, what makes anyone think I'm going to get close enough to them to spray them? NOT!!

José said...

Are you thinking of making a soup with it ?

goodhope said...

Getting me some wasp spray!

Nickname unavailable said...

i keep it by my bed, as an alternative to a gun. i have children to protect. it shoots much farther than pepper spray & will blind a home invader, until they can get to a hospital...where they'd be arrested. i handle very large deposits in my office, alone @ night, in a bad neighborhood, so i keep a can there too. it also kills mice.

jenmom4 said...

I had an encounter with a copperhead today while alone with my two boys (ages 2 & 4 yrs.) Not wanting to get too close but needing to get the snake away, I went to the garage for wasp spray to try to get it to leave. It took the spraying for a moment, starting sticking out its tongue, then began to slither away. Didn't look like it was hurting at all. I'm now trying to find out if its possible the spray could kill it and found your blog. Thought I'd pitch in my experience!

Carrie's mom said...

You must spray the snake in the head and eyes. It will take about 4 1/2 hours to die. Good luck.

David Armstrong said...

So which brand of wasp spray seems to work well?
I like the idea of under the bed, as a precaution.
Thanks for posting this topic.

Anonymous said...

We had a rattler by the water spigot right next to our porch and main entrance walk way. Hubby went to get the pistol with snake load but it wasn't in a good position to shoot at it. So, I sprayed it with Raid Yellowjacket/Wasp killer. The snake didn't like this at all and moved under a hose roll up cart. Sprayed it in the face again and it moved to where I couldn't see it. It was gone in the morning so no telling of it's fate. Hope the sucker is dead. We have bull snakes too and usually no rattlers because the bull snakes are their enemy.