It Takes Courage to be Obedient to God

It Takes Courage to be Obedient to God
Photograph by Ross Barringer

Monday, January 23, 2017

My Book Review. Near Death in the ICU: Stories from Patients Near Death and Why We Should Listen to Them

Dr. Bellg invites the reader to consider that bearing witness to a patient's near-death experience is a respectful and meaningful part of medical care, a way for families to support their loved ones, and an important part of the patient's healing.  
This book invites you to reconsider what happens when we die, and in doing so, challenges you to ponder that perhaps we are much more than our earth-bound physical bodies.  
My review of this book:  It is well researched and well written by an ICU doctor who had personal contact with the patients.  So these are first-hand experiences that she writes about.  I found the patients' experiences to be thought provoking - why are they all so similar.  Thos book offers a variety of experiences from a variety of people.  It  will leave you wondering if there is more to death than we presently know.  


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wasp Spray Can Kill Snakes

Listen, I am very much afraid of snakes. Ok, so I know it is said that they won't other you unless you bother them. But I am going to tell you the truth.... I am an animal lover as much as the next person but that does not apply to venomous animals. I do not like snakes period. I don't want to find out which ones are venomous and which ones are not. I just don't want to contact with them at all.
So I read an article today which stated that you can kill snakes with wasp or hornet spray. These sprays can be aimed from a distance and shot right at the snake. With my luck it will be like me with the spray starch - the darn spray thingy never works!!! I'm pressing and pressing and nothing comes out! I'd much rather try the wasp spray though then buy snake shot. I dont care much for guns even though I am considering taking target practice along with a group of ladies in my club.
Back to the snakes and wasp spray. I have been in touch with a guy who is considered a snake whisperer. I'm pretty sure if he knew I was contemplating KILLING snakes, he'd be very upset with me. He took the time to discuss snakes with me when I contacted him via email. He told me all about not being afraid of snakes and some precautions I should take. I told him where I lived half of the year, and that it was considered snake country. I told him my mother is NOT afraid of snakes andmakes a habit of chopping their heads off with the hoe she carries around with her. Several have entered her house. She tries not to let me know this but I always find out from someone. We live in rattler country. There are signs around that say beware of rattlers - leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Which we pretty much do. Anyway, this snake whisperer told me I can contact him anytime. (I have to find his email address.) As I said, I am not going to tell him of my intent to buy some wasp spray!!!
But if a snake decides to come into my house, I want to be prepared to get it out of my house without it biting me or another family member. I prefer not to use deadly force. But I will if I have to.